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ANTZER io Welcome to the world of Antzerio is a multiplayer browser game where players from all over the world will be your opponents. Today you have to become a great commander and lead a huge army. Here only your warriors will not be humans, but insects. Ahead of you are waiting for the great battle with the enemy armies of beetles. You will start the game with just one ant, but on the bottom of the game there will be five more insect species from which you can create your own squad. For this you need to save food. Sweet donuts, pieces of cheese, which for small insects will seem like huge mountains, and olives on skewers will be scattered throughout the map. Eat them and then you can hire recruits for your army.

In your army there may be no more than seventy-five bugs. To get new insects you need to look for them on the map, and then attack. After winning a new view appear on the bottom of the game. You can catch a variety of insects: ladybugs, ants, termites, deer beetles, praying mantis and many others. To earn bonus points that will help you take a leading position in the top list, you need to engage in battles with other armies of beetles. Defeat everyone and prove that your army is stronger. Enjoy the game and good luck!