1 vote, 4.0 / 5 Ready to plunge into the world of gladiator fights and resist the hordes of enemies? The game Brutal Mania io will help you to do this in the shortest lines. In it, you, as a gladiator, will take part in the most terrible and dangerous battles in the arena with players from around the world. This you have not yet seen. Dozens of fighters will converge in a deadly duel against each other. There is no own team, no team - you are for yourself and no one will help you. Defeat everyone and become the champion of the arena!

To do this, you have a whole arsenal of weapons and improvements, they will help you survive. Pump up your level, increase the characteristic and explore new, better ammunition. The meaning of the game is to stay alive as long as possible, while destroying the enemies that attack you. For fights in the arena, you will earn gold and fame. For gold, you can improve your level and equipment, fame gives you additional experience points. Bleeding your character is carried out in the "Enhance" tab.

At the beginning of the game, try to focus on leveling weapons and weapons, and after that, begin to improve the protection. In battle, collect the red spheres, they increase your level. Each level up adds health to your character. Until you raise your level, try to attack low-level fighters and run away from stronger ones. When you are strong enough, go into battle and show everyone that you are the best fighter in this arena!